The definitive ruleset development tool exists

Ruleset Wizard is the new and definitive development tool for Fantasy Grounds. It features a modern and intuitive graphic interface to help beginner players start creating their own game systems. It can also help more advanced users by using its advanced tools. Now creating and modifying rulesets is really easy and fun.

It’s main features are

  • Powerful visual editor for windows and interface controls.
  • Automatic xml generation (no need for xml writing).
  • Property editor for controls.
  • Built-in script automation for common tasks.
  • Integrated LUA script editor. Now with autocomplete!
  • File and graphic assets management.
  • Automatic extension/ruleset generation and packing (get an extension or ruleset ready to go).

Ruleset Wizard includes many more fantastic features. If you want to know more you can visit my development blog, and watch some of the demo videos to discover all the awesome capabilites of Ruleset Wizard and see it in action.

If you like what you see you can sign up for the early access program here.

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