0.8.12 Update

Version 0.8.12 has just been released. It brings some minor fixes and improvements from user requests:

version 0.8.12

  • Sometimes the installation failed in the automatic update. Fixed.
  • Allow merging of GUI defined Templates.
  • ColorManager added to autocomplete.
  • Added new tab definition properties to tab controls.
  • When importing graphic assets from other projects convert paths to absolute paths.
  • Added Exclude/Include option to folders in Ruleset Explorer.
  • Can Grow property name changed to Dynamic Size. Allow Dynamic Height and/or Width options.

New Tab definition properties

New properties have been added to the Tab controls, allowing further customization of the appearance of this control:

New Folder Exclude/Include option

From now on, folders in Ruleset Explorer have a new option accessible from the right-click menu: Exclude/Include.
This option allows you to mark an entire folder as excluded from compilation. The folders thus marked (identified with a forbidden symbol), and all their subfolders, will not be included in the result when generating the ruleset/extension.

Can Grow property name changed to Dynamic Size

The Can Grow property has disappeared and has become Dynamic Size. Its operation is the same but it allows to indicate if the growth of the field to adjust to its content can occur in height (equivalent to the previous operation), in width, or in both.