0.3.10 Update

There have been several updates in the last few days, but these updates are going faster than the blog entries. Most of the changes are bug fixes and minor upgrades. What we have so far: version 0.3.8 The LUA code of a control was not copied when creating duplicates of that control. Fixed. Fixed a…

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0.3.7 Update

A new update of Ruleset Wizard has been released today, with two new features: version 0.3.7 New feature: Lock/Unlock controls in Window designer. Added Custom Anchoring property to windows controls LUA editor in Window designer set expanded by default There are two new buttons in the Window Designer toolbar: These allow you to individually lock…

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0.3.6 Update

We reach version 0.3.6 as version 0.3.5 was only a hotfix. This release comes with some minor bug fixes and a new feature: Add content from another project. version 0.3.6 Fixed a crash when when there were 2 controls with the same name in a window New feature: Add Content from another Project The Add…

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0.3.4 Update

A new update of Ruleset Wizard has been released today, with some fixes and an interesting feature: Ruleset generation! version 0.3.4 Change the use of stringfields to stringcontrols in Labels to ensure FGU compatibility Fixed a crash when there were special characters in the name of a control Add a Compilation option to Ruleset properties…

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0.3.3 Update

A new update of Ruleset Wizard has been released today, with a new user requested feature: String resources. Now Ruleset Wizard will use string resources labels instead of the literal text in all your project controls, and it will create a new strings_[Ruleset Name].xml file with all these strings ready to be edited.

New weekly update to 0.3.2

A new update of the Ruleset wizard has been released today, with some corrections and improvements: version 0.3.2 Ask for saving current project before opening a new project. Make extension generation process crash-proof. Fixed typo in save project dialog Fixed error on opening editors with same name from ruleset explorer Added Register Script property to…

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New 0.3.1 update

Today there is a new Ruleset Wizard update. Version 0.3.1 comes with a nice bundle of improvements: version 0.3.1 Added support for copy and paste controls between windows. Added StringCycler control Added Comments property to windows Added Comments section to Ruleset properties Added Load Order field to Ruleset properties Fixed rendering of Label with Centered…

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Quick update to 0.2.5

Version 0.2.5 just launched. Release notes: Allow custom values for dropdown properties: font, frame, advanced template, icons Added line numbering to Lua editors. Added tab in Ruleset Properties to enter the list of rulesets for which the extension will be available

New Ruleset Wizard release just launched

Version 0.2.4 is just released. Release notes: version 0.2.4 Fixed Window properties MaxHeight, MaxWidth, MinHeight, MinWidth, not being rendered Fixed typo in Window property Width Added Sorted property to Dropdown list Added Multiline Spacing property to Label Changed render mode of Label control to properly show multiline (could affect to string control and button)