Get Ruleset Wizard

Ruleset Wizard is currently under development and it’s not intended for the general public. It still needs heavy testing before the final release, however it already includes a lot of amazing working features to start making rulesets right now.

You can support this project and get your copy of Ruleset Wizard by signing up for the early access program. With this early access you get:

  • Instant dowload of the latest stable version of Ruleset Wizard.
  • A product key to activate it during the early access period and when the final version is released.
  • Automatic updates when there is a new stable version.
  • You will help Ruleset Wizard to keep improving faster.

The cost of early access is 59.90€. If you want to support Ruleset Wizard and get it now click here.

If you just want to have a look by yourself and try the Ruleset Wizard capabilities you can also download a free demo.