0.9.1 Update (hotfix)

This is a minor update to address some minor issues reported by users:

0.9.0 Illithid Update

A new major update is here, with some fixes and improvements, update of the templates to FG version 4.4.9, a new template and two exciting new features. Let’s see what it brings: version 0.9.0 New Custom Dice Editor A button has been added to the interface, allowing a new type of element to be added…

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0.8.15-16 Update (hotfix)

The new Exclude Folder option has caused some minor problems that are difficult to detect, nothing particularly serious but which have required a quick solution. In addition, a new option has been added to the windows that was missing. version 0.8.15-16

0.8.14 Update (hotfix)

Version 0.8.14 has been released, this version is only a hotfix to solve a problem with the new Exclude Folder option. version 0.8.14

0.8.13 Update

This is just a quick update to fix a couple of minor issues: version 0.8.13 Also a small autocomplete feature has been added to the Source property to save you time. From now on if you enter a value in this property that ends with the “.” character, the wizard will auto-complete it by appending…

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0.8.12 Update

Version 0.8.12 has just been released. It brings some minor fixes and improvements from user requests: version 0.8.12 New Tab definition properties New properties have been added to the Tab controls, allowing further customization of the appearance of this control: New Folder Exclude/Include option From now on, folders in Ruleset Explorer have a new option…

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0.8.11 Update

another quick update, in this case to adapt the default graphics to the new CoreRPG look introduced in FG version 4.4.3. Let’s see what it brings: version 0.8.11 Updated default graphic assets (buttons, frames, fonts) The graphics files have been updated to reflect the changes in CoreRPG in order to correctly design windows with the…

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0.8.10 Update (hotfix)

Version 0.8.10 has been released, this version is only a hotfix to solve a bug of the previous version in the Dice roll engine.The latest version of the Combat Tracker template has also been included in the distribution.

Update Combat Tracker walkthrough

Due to the changes that the CoreRPG Combat Tracker has undergone in recent months, there are some aspects of the Combat Tracker template that have become outdated. You can always download the latest updated version of any template from the examples library. However those projects that are already using an older template will most likely…

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0.8.9 Update

Version 0.8.9 has just been released. It’s just a hotfix to bring some minor fixes and updates: version 0.8.9