0.8.11 Update

another quick update, in this case to adapt the default graphics to the new CoreRPG look introduced in FG version 4.4.3. Let’s see what it brings: version 0.8.11 Updated default graphic assets (buttons, frames, fonts) The graphics files have been updated to reflect the changes in CoreRPG in order to correctly design windows with the…

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0.8.10 Update (hotfix)

Version 0.8.10 has been released, this version is only a hotfix to solve a bug of the previous version in the Dice roll engine.The latest version of the Combat Tracker template has also been included in the distribution.

Update Combat Tracker walkthrough

Due to the changes that the CoreRPG Combat Tracker has undergone in recent months, there are some aspects of the Combat Tracker template that have become outdated. You can always download the latest updated version of any template from the examples library. However those projects that are already using an older template will most likely…

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0.8.9 Update

Version 0.8.9 has just been released. It’s just a hotfix to bring some minor fixes and updates: version 0.8.9

0.8.8 Update

A new update, 0.8.8, is now available, with many fixes and improvements coming from user requests. Let’s see what it brings: version 0.8.8 Standardize the source code format when generating the ruleset file The generation of xml and lua code in the final rulesets and extensions files has been modified to conform to Fantasy Grounds…

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0.8.7 Update

This release has taken a little longer than expected, but includes several user-requested improvements and some minor fixes. Let’s see what it brings: version 0.8.7 New development comments feature There is a new property in the controls named Development Comments. This property allows to indicate a text as comments for the developer. This text will…

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0.8.6 Update

Version 0.8.6 has just been released. It brings some minor fixes and improvements from user requests: version 0.8.6 New Filter box in Ruleset Explorer There is now a filter box at the top of the Ruleset Explorer. When entering a text, the Ruleset Explorer will display only the elements whose name contains the entered text:…

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0.8.5 Update

Thankfully the time available is allowing to release updates more frequently. Here is 0.8.5, let’s see what it brings: version 0.8.5 New ‘Drag Icon’ property added to Dice Roll structure This property allows to set the icon that will be displayed during drag and drop operations of dice rolls. Zoom and Background features in Icon…

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0.8.3 Update

I must say that this version has taken longer than expected, but it comes with several fixes and improvements and two new features that were missing since the very first versions. Let’s see them: version 0.8.3 When defining a template the source control lost its name. fixed. Added Alt+D shortcut to duplicate LUA/XML code lines.…

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0.8.2 Update

Version 0.8.2 comes with a few added properties from user requests and an update of two important templates: version 0.8.2 Property Child Windows Attributes added to Window List controls. Allow negative frame offsets. Added Window Margins property to Windows. Updated Combat Tracker Template and Party Sheet Template. Updated Templates Combat Tracker Template and Party Sheet…

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