Working with lists video tutorial

In today’s new video tutorial we will see several examples to work with our lists: You can dowload the demo project here.

0.5.2 Update

Today comes a new weekly update with a few small improvements resulting from user requests: version 0.5.2 Added grid overlay option to Window designer. Avoid image files locking. Expand by default all complex properties in Property Grid. New grid overlay in Window designer There is a new set of buttons in the window designer toolbar,…

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0.5.1 Update

Version 0.5.1 has just been released, let’s see what’s new: version 0.5.1 Window controls remained in Object explorer list afted deletion. Fixed. Added Sort by property to Window List controls. Added Filter by property to Window List controls. Added Zoom capability to Window Editor (Ctrl + mouse wheel) Zoom capabilty in Window Editor Now you…

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0.5.0 Update

Ruleset Wizard has reached a new milestone with version 0.5.0 “Ettin”. The next updates will be focused on providing power users with more advanced development tools. This version comes with some corrections and some improvements for more advanced users. Let’s see them. version 0.5.0 Added Can Grow property to subwindow control. Added No Default Item…

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0.4.8 Update

Today is released version 0.4.8 with some minor fixes and updates: version 0.4.8 Default checked property in Checkbox not working properly. Fixed. Added Tooltip property to windows controls. Accept Drop property in Window List not working properly. Fixed. Add variable {modstack} to Dice Roll Engine Add Reset Modifier Stack property to Dice Roll options. Added…

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0.4.7 Update

Today is released version 0.4.7 that comes with a pretty handful of improvements, let’s see them. version 0.4.7 Added Vertical Tabs control to toolbox Added Inherit Size and Position property to windows controls New feature added to LUA Code Editor: Control Events Helper Keep indent level when writing code in editors Improved loading times of…

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0.4.4 and 0.4.5 Updates

The last two updates have been mainly focused on bug fixes and small improvements, let’s see them: version 0.4.4 Added Link Field control to toolbox Fixed a crash when opening windows with special characters in their names. Font color has issues with 00 transparency in Unity client. Fixed. version 0.4.5 Using the same file for…

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