0.3.10 Update

There have been several updates in the last few days, but these updates are going faster than the blog entries. Most of the changes are bug fixes and minor upgrades. What we have so far:

version 0.3.8

  • The LUA code of a control was not copied when creating duplicates of that control. Fixed.
  • Fixed a crash opening project files with missing icon files
  • Allow find and replace in Window controls’ LUA Editor
  • Avoid window control selection reset on project save
  • Don’t prompt for overwrite when generating ruleset/extension files
  • Added a session log to main window
  • Prevent collapse of root node in Ruleset Explorer
  • Add anchoring properties to window panels

version 0.3.9 (hotfix)

  • Some unset properties were loaded with default values. Fixed.
  • Custom Anchoring Width property not rendered properly. Fixed.
  • Custom Properties raised an error when used without parent. Fixed.

version 0.3.10

  • Added Can Grow and Stack with control properties to string and window list controls
  • Added format validation to the Frame Offset property
  • Changed the interpretation of the Frame Offset property to inside offset instead of outside offset
  • Using the resize property of Window raised and error. Fixed.
  • Copying controls caused some properties reference the original control. Fixed.
  • Changed Accept Drop property of Window List to allow multiple entries.
  • Added sample project Ruleset Wizard Core.rwp

As noteworthy improvements we have the creation of two new properties in the window controls, which allow them to grow dynamically with the content and to stack between them, adjusting their position when others change size. There is a new video tutorial that explains this process in detail:

From this version, along with the installation of the program, a sample project is included to make it easier for beginners to learn without having to start from scratch. Find the Ruleset Wizard Core.rwp file in the installation folder, make a copy, load it and start tinkering with the Wizard.