0.3.6 Update

We reach version 0.3.6 as version 0.3.5 was only a hotfix. This release comes with some minor bug fixes and a new feature: Add content from another project.

version 0.3.6

  • Fixed a crash when when there were 2 controls with the same name in a window
  • New feature: Add Content from another Project

The Add Content from another Project feature allows you to import all the assets in another Ruleset Wizard project to the current one. You can access this function by a new button in the toolbar:

When you press it you will be asked to select an existing .rwp file in your system and the Wizard will add all its content to your project. All these assets will be created in a new folder under the root ruleset node.

This is useful since at this time it is not possible to copy windows or other assets between rulesets. This way you can share assets created between different rulesets, or save a repository of common windows for use in other projects.

Warning! This is a functionality still experimental, so keep backups of your projects before using it.

Note that the Wizard does not allow you to save projects with duplicate window names, or duplicate control names in the same window, so keep this in mind when you use it.