0.3.7 Update

A new update of Ruleset Wizard has been released today, with two new features:

version 0.3.7

  • New feature: Lock/Unlock controls in Window designer.
  • Added Custom Anchoring property to windows controls
  • LUA editor in Window designer set expanded by default

There are two new buttons in the Window Designer toolbar:

These allow you to individually lock and unlock the movement of the controls within the designer, to avoid unintentional changes once the desired layout has been reached. There is also a new property of the controls called Designer Locked, which indicates whether the control is currently locked.

On the other hand, a new property has been included in the window controls called Custom Anchoring. This property allows to set a control relative anchorage, instead of the default Ruleset Wizard global positioning.
This property is focused to solve complex anchoring scenarios, mainly when merging controls, since the anchoring used in the Core is always relative.