0.4.8 Update

Today is released version 0.4.8 with some minor fixes and updates:

version 0.4.8

  • Default checked property in Checkbox not working properly. Fixed.
  • Added Tooltip property to windows controls.
  • Accept Drop property in Window List not working properly. Fixed.
  • Add variable {modstack} to Dice Roll Engine
  • Add Reset Modifier Stack property to Dice Roll options.
  • Added Dice Roll capabilities to String Field controls.
  • Dice Roll Engine not working properly in unbound windows. Fixed.

This will be the last one before the next big update, 0.5.0, which will come with many improvements in project management and advanced development options. Next 0.5 update is going to need a lot of development time, so don’t expect new updates soon.

Meanwhile, let’s see what this update brings:

Tooltip property

Now all the windows controls have a Tooltip property, that allows to set a text to be displayed as tooltip.

New {modstack} variable and Reset Modifier Stack property

You can use the new {modstack} variable in the roll strings to indicate the current total value of the modifier box. This variable is useful when you want to give the modifier value another use other than adding to the total roll. For example:


This will roll a d6 for each +1 in the modifier box.

Related to this is the new Reset Modifier Stack property. If this property is set to true the Wizard will always clear the modifier box after making the roll. This is necessary because if you don’t set the Use Modifier Stack property to true the system ignores the modifier box and don’t clears it, so you could have dirty values between rolls.

Allow dice rolls in String Fields

Now you can make strings fields rollable, just like number fields or dice fields. This allows you to write complex dice strings and store them in fields ready to be rolled.

Accept Drop property fixed

Accep Drop property of Window Lists was not working properly when there was more than one entry. To solve this the property Accept Drop Fields has been extracted from the list and now is common to all classes in the list. Also if you leave it blank the Wizard interprets that you want to copy all fields, as with “*”.

If you have made an advanced use of this property in some project you may have to check its operation.