0.8.4 Update

Another quick update but with a good handful of fixes and improvements, version 0.8.4 is now available. Let’s see what it brings:

version 0.8.4

  • Fixed an error in rsw_optionlist template. Default values were not saved to database.
  • Property ‘Targeting handler function name’ added to Dice Roll structure.
  • Ruleset property was not properly formatted in Extensions for Any ruleset. Fixed.
  • Added rsw_dieFieldModifier advanced template to Die Field controls.
  • Property changes weren’t propagated across locked controls. Fixed.
  • Allow multiple values in Custom Anchoring Offset property.
  • Property State Frames added to window controls.
  • Property Allow Double Click added to button controls.
  • rswCombobox template now uses the same parent db node for valueFieldNode.

New Dice Roll Engine option: Targeting handler function name

There is a new option in the die roll properties named Targeting handler function name. This property works very similar to Result handler function name, but the specified function is called before the dice are rolled by the FG engine, and therefore can be customized for each target.

The signature of the handler function is as follows:

function onTargeting(rSource, aTargeting, rRolls)

Property State Frames added to window controls

Another new property that was missed. From now on window controls can define different frames for different interface states. See the FG developer guide for more information:


New rsw_dieFieldModifier template

A new advanced template has been added to Dice field controls named rsw_dieFieldModifier. This template allows a numeric modifier to be added to the field, which works similarly to the number_modifier template, except that the modifier is stored in another adjacent database field, named the same as the base control + ‘modifier’. The name of this field can be set using a custom property named modifierfield.

Note that this modifier is not automatically added to the calculation of the dice roll result, and must be added to the dice roll string using the {fieldname} operator.