0.8.7 Update

This release has taken a little longer than expected, but includes several user-requested improvements and some minor fixes. Let’s see what it brings:

version 0.8.7

  • In custom properties, the parent property was lost when copying the control. Fixed.
  • Added Development Comments property to window controls. Comments are showed as tooltip.
  • Save a backup copy of the last saved/generated project file.
  • Keep a copy of the last saved project file before overwrite it.
  • Allow the use of custom string resource names using {}.
  • Allow duplication of entire folders.

New development comments feature

There is a new property in the controls named Development Comments. This property allows to indicate a text as comments for the developer. This text will not be exported to the final project, its purpose is to contain useful information for the development. When a control has development comments, a small information icon is shown in its corner, and hovering the mouse over it displays the text in a floating window.

New automatic backup options

First of all, when saving the project, instead of directly overwriting the previous file, it is renamed with the extension .saveautobak. If the save operation finishes without problems this version is deleted, but if for some reason the process fails and the project ends up corrupted you can find the previous functional version in the saveautobak file.

On the other hand, every time you save or generate a project, the wizard saves an automatic backup of the project file in the temporary folder located at:


If you already have your own backup measures and do not need this feature you can disable it by adding the following parameter to the RulesetWizard.ini configuration file:


Custom string resources

Until now all string literals used in a project were converted by the wizard into string resources, and stored in an automatically generated file in your project.
From now on you can override this behavior and force a control to use a string resource defined by you. To do this, just indicate the name of the string resource in brackets:


and the wizard will use the string resource myStringResourceName in the specified property.

Duplicate entire folders

Ruleset Explorer has a new option to duplicate folders with all their contents. Note that since there cannot be two objects with the same name, all the contents of the new folder will be renamed.