0.8.6 Update

Version 0.8.6 has just been released. It brings some minor fixes and improvements from user requests:

version 0.8.6

  • In advanced development, allow to create the git database when making the first commit.
  • Property ‘Source’ added to button controls.
  • Added Filter box to Ruleset Explorer.
  • Added Utility package functions to autocomplete.
  • Added Input package functions to autocomplete.
  • Added OptionsManager package functions to autocomplete.
  • Check for changes in the project file outside the wizard environment.
  • Added option to project properties to not ask for the file path to save.
  • Fixed strange behavior of shortcut keys in tabbed environment.

New Filter box in Ruleset Explorer

There is now a filter box at the top of the Ruleset Explorer. When entering a text, the Ruleset Explorer will display only the elements whose name contains the entered text:

New project option: Do not ask for the Result File to save

There is a new option in the project properties window labeled as Do not ask for the Result File to save.

If this option is checked the wizard will not ask the user for the path and file name to generate the ruleset/extension. If the Result File path is blank it will use the one that it generates automatically.