New weekly update to 0.3.2

A new update of the Ruleset wizard has been released today, with some corrections and improvements:

version 0.3.2

  • Ask for saving current project before opening a new project.
  • Make extension generation process crash-proof.
  • Fixed typo in save project dialog
  • Fixed error on opening editors with same name from ruleset explorer
  • Added Register Script property to Script files
  • Added Announcement to Ruleset Properties
  • Added Find/Replace dialog to Script Editor and XML Editor. (Press Ctrl+F or Ctrl+H from the editor to open the dialog).
  • Added Parent Element property to custom properties.

This week main improvements comes from my own experiences developing a ruleset with the Wizard.

The Register Script is necessary when you have a control or template with a large script you want to keep separated in another file, for example:

<template name="salud_counter">
        <script file="salud/salud.lua" />

In this case you should create the salud.lua script and set the Register Script property to False, since the script will be included with the control declaration.

The Find/Replace in the text editor is a must-have when you are working with large and complex files.

Finally, the Parent Element property of Custom Properties is necessary when you are using controls that have complex property definitions. I will make a sample video soon.