0.4.3 Update

Today is released version 0.4.3 with some fixes and some new features for the Dice Roll Engine, let’s see them: version 0.4.3 Changed the dice field parser function to allow “{…{field}}” references. Dice roll property not available in fields after load older projects. Fixed. Added Encoding property to Scripts. Added Additional Data property to Dice…

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Dice Roll Engine Tutorial

Today we launch a new series of video tutorials about the new Dice Roll Engine, starting with how to create your first dice rolls: 1. The basics 2. Handling roll results

0.4.2 Update – Handling Dice Rolls

As promised version 0.4.2 is already here with a bunch of exciting new features added to the Dice Roll Engine. version 0.4.2 Added DiceRollString variable to controls’ roll event to allow roll string modificaton in onBeforeDiceRoll function. Changed Button text behaviour to add a click offset effect. Added logo file to extensions. Added logo icon…

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New major update: The Dice Roll Engine

Today the version 0.4.0 (Doppleganger) has been released, which includes the long awaited advanced dice roll engine. version 0.4.0 New feature: Dice Roll Engine Removed Dice Roll Description Field property from Number Fields and Die Fields (obsolete by Dice roll engine) Changed behaviour of Dice Roll and Dice Roll Description Text from Number Fields to…

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