1. Wow…. Really cool stuff. Can’t wait until some of the MoreCore rolls are included but this is truly amazing! Thanks for all the work!

  2. Hello,
    the Ruleset Wizard is amazing. I like to use it. But i have one question. Is it possible to bring the name oder databasenode of the field to the ActionHandler? Maybe by using something like self.getName() in the Additional data? I would like to give more Information to the players: “John attacks using xy (= the Name of the weapon) … “. I would like to use this for a List of weapons or a list of abilities …


  3. Yes, you can use the AdditionalData struture to pass your own custom data to the action handler function from the onBeforeDiceRoll() function.

    You could do something like this:

    function onBeforeDiceRoll()
    local nodeWin = window.getDatabaseNode();
    DiceRollAdditionalInfo[“attackname”] = DB.getValue(nodeWin, “attackname”);

    and in the action handler function you can get the value with:

    local attackname = rRoll[“attackname”];

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