0.6.6 Update

Version 0.6.6 has just been released with some minor fixes and some new properties and features:

version 0.6.6

  • Added Empty Icon property to Token control.
  • Added Hover Cursor property to controls.
  • Added Button field property to button controls.
  • Added global icons list.
  • Empty token property not working properly. Fixed.
  • Changed name of included project to Ruleset Wizard Demo.
  • Added Combat Tracker template project.
  • Added release notes to update confirmation message.
  • Keep location in LUA editor.

New project template: Combat Tracker

After installing the update, in the application installation folder you will find a new project called CombatTracker template. This project contains the CoreRPG Combat Tracker (both GM and player versions), but reworked with the Ruleset Wizard tools to simplify as much as possible its modification and reuse with other projects.

To use it you only have to add it to your own projects using the Import Content button. This will create a new folder with all the classes ready for you to modify.

This template also includes two additional typical example sections (attack and defense) that you can use as you wish or delete if you don’t need them. Also includes a button labeled Client in the combattracker_host class, which allows you to directly open the client window to see what it looks like without having to connect an FG client instance.

Keep in mind that this template is a complete fork of the CoreRPG Combat Tracker, therefore it will not inherit the changes that occur in the CoreRPG Ruleset and may require some updating in the future. If you want to maintain full layering with CoreRPG you must merge your modifications with the CoreRPG Combat Tracker base classes. You can find an example of this in the Ruleset Wizard Demo project.