0.7.8 Update

Version 0.7.8 has just been released. It brings some minor fixes and some improvements resulting from user requests.

version 0.7.8

  • Added Hide Roll Widget property to number fields.
  • Added RulesetWizard.createDBChildOOB global function.
  • Added RulesetWizard.deleteDBNodeOOB global function.
  • Added Tooltip and Tooltip Field Name properties to Windows.
  • Added Minimized Icon property to Windows.
  • Added option to exclude RSW Scripts from compilation in project properties.

New global OOB handling functions

Due to the good reception of the OOB data handling function, two new functions have been added to complete the OOB toolset:

RulesetWizard.createDBChildOOB(dbNode, [name], [type])

Creates the specified child node under the specified node by using an OOB call.


dbNode   (string (or databasenode))   
A database node identifier path (or a databasenode object) representing the target node.

name   (string)   [optional]
Indicates the name of a child node under which the new child node will be created. If omitted the new node will be created under dbNode.

type   (string)   [optional]
The type of node to create. Leaf nodes can be of types “number”, “string”, “formattedtext”, “image”, “dice” or “windowreference”.


Deletes the specified database node by using an OOB call.


nodeid   (string (or databasenode))   
Database node identifier path (or databasenode object) to be deleted.

New option to exclude RSW Scripts from compilation

This new option is located in the project options screen. Checking it will cause none of the Ruleset Wizard special function scripts to be included in the final output file (.pak or .ext).
Note that the following features will therefore not be usable:

  • Ruleset Wizard Dice Roll Engine
  • Ruleset Wizard OOB functions