0.7.7 Update

Version 0.7.7 has just been released with several fixes and some new properties and features:

version 0.7.7

  • Added RulesetWizard.changeDBValueOOB global function
  • Dice roll engine: parse Dice fields to allow their use in string expressions.
  • Sometimes deleting a folder did not correctly delete its contents. Fixed.
  • Improved behavior of the selection box in the window editor.
  • Added Source property to database bound controls.
  • Send backward and Bring forward buttons not working properly. Fixed.
  • Fixed the weird behaviour with arrow keys in the Properties list.

New source property in database bound controls

From now on the database bound controls have the source property. This property allows to change the default path of the database node used by the control to store its data.

New RulesetWizard.changeDBValueOOB global function

From version 0.7.7 there is a new global script called RulesetWizard, in which new global utility functions will be added from now on.

The first function is changeDBValueOOB:

function changeDBValueOOB(dbNode, newValue)

Changes the value of the database node to the new value by using an OOB call. Parameter dbNode accepts both a database node and a string with the node’s path.

OOB calls are necessary when you need a client (aka player) to make modifications to a database node that it does not own. The most common case is when a player wants to modify a Combat Tracker record, to apply wounds, effects, etc. In these cases a call to DB.setValue will fail, being necessary to do it by OOB.
This function simplifies the process by reducing it to a single call.