0.8.2 Update

Version 0.8.2 comes with a few added properties from user requests and an update of two important templates:

version 0.8.2

  • Property Child Windows Attributes added to Window List controls.
  • Allow negative frame offsets.
  • Added Window Margins property to Windows.
  • Updated Combat Tracker Template and Party Sheet Template.

Updated Templates

Combat Tracker Template and Party Sheet Template have been updated to the september 2022 CoreRPG version. This is a summary of the changes:

Changes in Party Sheet Template

  • Added Identify All Items button in ps_inventory window.
  • Updated isidentified control in ps_parcelitem window.
  • In Watch order list change player token for portrait.
  • Add new formation feature.

Changes in Combat Tracker Template

  • Updated combattracker_client window script.
  • Updated combattracker_client list control script.
  • Updated client_ct_entry window script.
  • Updated ct_entry window script.
  • Removed global section visibility buttons.

To see a detail of the changes you can check the latest commit from their github repositories: