Desktop panels

In today’s video we will make a handy dice roller widget using a Desktop panel window.

Minor update and Demo version

Release notes: Minor bug fixes Added support for merge properties Added Demo version

The Dropdown List

The Dropdown list is a very useful control. Now with Ruleset Wizard is really easy to use.

The Icon Cycler

It is the turn of the Icon Cycler, this is an example of it’s basic usage.

Creating a skill list

This time we are going to learn the basic usage of the windowlist control, creating a basic editable skill list with a scroll bar.

Creating a rollable skill field

Today I will show you how to make a classic rollable skill bonus field using the built-in scripting capabilities of ruleset wizard, without LUA scripting 😉

The Window Designer

Another short tutorial to show the usage of the Window desginer interface.

The Ruleset Explorer

A short video tutorial to show de operation of the Ruleset Explorer.

The basics – anchoring controls

Today I will show you how Ruleset Wizard manages the positioning and anchoring of controls inside a window. Enjoy.

The basics – change the character sheet

A short video tutorial to show you how to change the default character sheet. to change the rest of character sheet subwindows you can use the same procedure with the corresponding subwindow class name: charsheet_main charsheet_abilities charsheet_inventory charsheet_notes