The Window Designer

Another short tutorial to show the usage of the Window desginer interface.

The Ruleset Explorer

A short video tutorial to show de operation of the Ruleset Explorer.

The basics – anchoring controls

Today I will show you how Ruleset Wizard manages the positioning and anchoring of controls inside a window. Enjoy.

The basics – change the character sheet

A short video tutorial to show you how to change the default character sheet. to change the rest of character sheet subwindows you can use the same procedure with the corresponding subwindow class name: charsheet_main charsheet_abilities charsheet_inventory charsheet_notes

The basics – interface

A short video tutorial to show the basics of the Ruleset Wizard user interface:

Hello World!

Hi, today I can say Ruleset Wizard is a reality. It has succesfully completed the internal alpha test phase and has advanced to beta version. To get a sneak peek of its current features you can watch the new teaser demo video, best in HD 😉