Quick update to 0.2.5

Version 0.2.5 just launched. Release notes: Allow custom values for dropdown properties: font, frame, advanced template, icons Added line numbering to Lua editors. Added tab in Ruleset Properties to enter the list of rulesets for which the extension will be available

New Ruleset Wizard release just launched

Version 0.2.4 is just released. Release notes: version 0.2.4 Fixed Window properties MaxHeight, MaxWidth, MinHeight, MinWidth, not being rendered Fixed typo in Window property Width Added Sorted property to Dropdown list Added Multiline Spacing property to Label Changed render mode of Label control to properly show multiline (could affect to string control and button)

Making of a rollable total field

In today’s video tutorial I will show you a typical usage of Number controls to create some bonus field with a rollable total (with a pretty straightforward LUA code). Sorry, the LUA code is blurred in the video for the most part, here is the code: Note that mod3 is declared as subtracting instead of…

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The Counter List control

Today we will learn the basic usage of the useful Counter List control:

Desktop panels

In today’s video we will make a handy dice roller widget using a Desktop panel window.

Minor update and Demo version

Release notes: Minor bug fixes Added support for merge properties Added Demo version

The Dropdown List

The Dropdown list is a very useful control. Now with Ruleset Wizard is really easy to use.

The Icon Cycler

It is the turn of the Icon Cycler, this is an example of it’s basic usage.

Creating a skill list

This time we are going to learn the basic usage of the windowlist control, creating a basic editable skill list with a scroll bar.

Creating a rollable skill field

Today I will show you how to make a classic rollable skill bonus field using the built-in scripting capabilities of ruleset wizard, without LUA scripting 😉