0.4.7 Update

Today is released version 0.4.7 that comes with a pretty handful of improvements, let’s see them.

version 0.4.7

  • Added Vertical Tabs control to toolbox
  • Added Inherit Size and Position property to windows controls
  • New feature added to LUA Code Editor: Control Events Helper
  • Keep indent level when writing code in editors
  • Improved loading times of window designer.

This version includes the new Vertical Tabs control, and its main purpose is to facilitate the modification of the number and description of the character sheet tabs, although it can be used freely like any other control.

Its operation is similar to the horizontal tabs, you will have to fill the Tabs collection with those elements you want to show the control, but instead of indicating a text for each tab you must indicate the name of an icon defined in the system, which will be displayed as a label.

The Inherit Size and Position new property is a very useful one when you want to modify existing controls. Setting it to true forces the Wizard to not specify size and position information, so the control inherits those properties from the base control.

New Control Events Helper

A number of new controls are now available in the LUA code editor.
The drop-down list shows the list of events available for the selected control. If we select one of them and press the Insert New Event Handler button the Wizard will add the corresponding function to the editor.
If we press the button Event Help the Wizard will open a web browser with the corresponding help page for the selected event.