LinkField and Sidebar video tutorial

In today’s new video tutorial we will see several useful examples of using the Link Field control, as well as the creation of a new data section for spells in the sidebar:

Tip: To allow add and/or remove spells from the character’s spell list you have to set the Allow create and Allow delete properties of the window list.


  1. Thanks for the very helpfull video tutorial.

    You did specified the accepted drop fields by a ‘*’ in your tutorial.
    In the current version of the ruleset wizard (0.4.9) there is a separate attribute “Accept Drop Fields” for that now.

    But how can i set a list auf some fields there, if just want some fields from the record but not all copied into my node ?

    I tried the seperator “;”, “,”,”|” and ” ” there. But none of them works as expected ..

  2. This is great and worked a treat. I have one question though. I have created a space on charsheet_abilities where I would like the spell information to open. Is it possible for me to lock the information to this space?

      1. Yes. I think that is what I am effectively looking to do, but also have a link that can be dragged to the chat window or to another character.

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