0.7.11 Update

Version 0.7.11 has just been released. It brings some minor fixes and some improvements resulting from user requests.

version 0.7.11

  • Added some Core icons and frames.
  • Added Charsheet Template project.
  • Sometimes pasting controls created duplicated names. Fixed.
  • Initalize body of new XML files.
  • Added new rsw_combobox template with new getSelectedValue method.
  • Group ruleset wizard templates and scripts into new rulesetwizard folder

New Charsheet Template project

From this version you can find in the ruleset wizard installation directory a new project file: Charsheet Template.rwp.

This project contains a full reworking of the CoreRPG character sheet made with the Wizard’s tools. This project is intended to serve as a quickstart for those users (probably all of them) who need a solid starting point from which to begin designing their character sheet.

To use it just create a new project and import this file. From there you can delete those parts you don’t need and modify the rest according to your needs.

New rsw_combobox template

The standard combobox control that comes with CoreRPG (called Dropdown List in the Wizard’s toolbox), has always had a major shortcoming, it does not have a method to get the value of the selected item. From now on Ruleset Wizard projects will use by default a new template of this control that incorporates the getSelectedValue() function, which allows to obtain this value.

The original CoreRPG template will be used in two cases:

  • If the Exclude Ruleset Wizard files from compilation option is checked.
  • If the Dropdown list control has the Advanced Template property set to “combobox”.

New rulesetwizard folder in project result files

From now on, all script and template files of Ruleset Wizard will be grouped into a folder called rulesetwizard, located in the root of the output file (.pak or .ext).

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