0.7.13 Update

We have a new update with some improvements and changes to adapt to Fantasy Grounds version 4.1.14. Let’s see what it brings:

version 0.7.13

  • Added onValueChanged event function to ProgressBar control.
  • Added Empty Text and Font properties to window lists.
  • Improved rsw_combobox template, store new dbnode with selected value.
  • Commit changes to database when opening Code Inspector.
  • Changed textcontrols underline tags to conform to 2022-02 specification.
  • Added Underline Text property to Label controls.

Improved rsw_combobox template

We continue improving the standard combobox template. This update solves another problem of this template.

Until now only the text selected in the combo box was stored in the database, but not the value related to that element. Because of this it was only possible to access this value through an instance of the control itself, through the new getSelectedValue function incorporated in the 0.7.11 update.

From now on, the combobox stores in the database an additional child node, with the same name as the control but with the suffix “value”, which will contain the value of the selected element.

So now you have two options when retrieving the value of a combo from the database. For example, for a control named MyComboBox:

	local nodeWin = window.getDatabaseNode();
	local ComboText = DB.getValue(nodeWin, "myComboBox"); -- gets the selected text
	local ComboValue = DB.getValue(nodeWin, "myComboBoxvalue"); -- gets the selected value

If you are using the field references in the dice roll engine, you can use {myComboBox} to get the text (label) of the selected item, or {myComboBoxvalue} to get the associated value of the selected item.

Changes to the underline tags

FG version 4.1.14 has brought changes in the tags used to indicate the underlining of controls, and some changes have been added to the wizard to use this new structure. However there are still some issues that will be resolved in the next update.