0.7.14 Update

Version 0.7.14 has just been released. It brings several minor fixes and improvements resulting from user requests. It also brings a new feature: Templating.

version 0.7.14

  • Fixed new Underline Text property.
  • Fixed some control renaming issues.
  • Added Session API package to autocomplete.
  • Inherit Size and Position not working por Window classes. Fixed.
  • Added templating capabilities through the new Use as Template (Name) property.
  • Added Disabled property to Label controls.
  • Can Grow property added to Formatted text controls.
  • When duplicating windows, order of the controls was not preserved. Fixed.

Use of templates in Ruleset Wizard

Control templates are a convenient tool to avoid code duplication and simplify the maintenance of our rulesets. From now on users can create control templates in their projects, ready to be reused. Let’s see how to use them.

Now, all controls have a new property named “Use as Template (Name)”:

If we enter an identifier in this property the wizard will create a new template with that name and the definition of the current control. From that moment on that template will be available to be selected in the rest of the controls of the same type that exist in the project and, as in all templates, it will inherit all its properties, including the scripts.


  1. Is there anything major your wizard can’t do yet? I need to make a new ruleset based on 5e and I either need to modify how 5e works in certain aspects or start from scratch if I have to.

    1. If your plan is to make minor modifications to the 5E ruleset, you probably won’t get much benefit from using the Wizard. For major modifications that include window design or to make complete rulesets the Wizard will save you a lot of time.

      If you are not sure what would be the best approach you can ask in the fantasy grounds forum or in their discord channel. And in any case I recommend you to download the free demo and watch the videos on my channel to learn more about the capabilities of the Wizard.

      1. Thank you for the reply. Yeah the system I want to make a ruleset for would involve tweaks to the character sheet (removing some things, adding others), slightly different ways to calculate things like initiative, as well as adding in new parsing to NPCs to recognize dice as modifiers (something globally the gm can set and then the mob parsing will know how to use it). It seems like just basing it on 5E and tweaking from there is probably the most effective way to go, I’m just having a hard time understanding what is going on in some of these files 🙂

        I’ll keep digging around and take your advice to ask in the Fantasy Grounds forums. I did download and try out the demo, unfortunately the demo capabilities didn’t seem to allow me to be able to do what I need to see if the wizard is right for me. I will take a look at your videos, maybe it will be able to answer some of my questions.


    2. about your question, the wizard covers all aspects of ruleset development. Many people, including me, have developed complete rulesets using this tool.

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