0.7.15 Update

Version 0.7.15 has just been released. It brings some minor fixes and some improvements resulting from user requests:

version 0.7.15

  • Add new Single Spacing property to Counter List control.
  • Autocomplete info for dice fields missing. Fixed.
  • Window List control, remove skipempty/createonempty (no longer available in FG v4.1.17)
  • Improve handling of expressions with parentheses in dice roll engine.
  • rswcombobox template, getting value from onValueChanged returned previous value. Fixed.
  • Allow databound panels by setting its Data Source property.

Properties skipempty/createonempty removed from Window Lists

From FG version 4.1.17 skipempty and createonempty properties of Window Lists are no longer available, and their functionality must be replicated using lua code.


Expressions with parentheses in dice roll engine

Support for parenthetical expressions has been added to the dice roll engine. From now on the engine will preprocess expressions containing parentheses before sending them to FG.

This allows the use of much more complex expressions, such as:

({field1} + {field2})d6k({field3} + {field4})

Databound Panels

Support for databound panels has also been added. To define a databound panel just set the Data Source property in the window. Note that this source must be an absolute path in the database: