0.7.6 Update

Version 0.7.6 has just been released with some minor fixes and some new features:

version 0.7.6

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Pre-register roll handler functions to avoid problems in tower rolls.
  • Added group and ungroup capabilites to window editor.
  • Keep the visibility status of window editor panels.

New Group and Ungroup controls feature

Now you can find two new buttons in the Window Editor toolbar:

These buttons allow you to group and ungroup controls in the editor, so that they can always be selected together for easier management. To group controls simply select several controls in the editor and click the Group button. To ungroup, select a group and click the Ungroup button.

Keep the visibility status of window editor panels.

From now on the window editor keeps the visibility status of the different panels (Object explorer, LUA Editor, properties and Toolbox), so that when you open a new editor it will show the same as the one you were working on.